Photos of the VeleNo BBS SerVer

This small Rack cabinet is the central "LAN" where Veleno BBS connects both for the outside and for the inside of the network. The NAS "Qnap" serves both as a source of the various FTP files present on the Veleno and as "Backup" of the entire system. The whole LAN is wired with a speed of 1 GB until it arrives at the server which has two 1Gbyte network cards. In addition, there is a UMTS router that intervenes as "Backup" if the 100Mega Fiber line falls

Here is the real heart of the BBS SERVER !!!! 4 Intel i5-4690 @ 3.50Ghz CPU, 16Gb RAM, 2TB HDD (which is used as a database for vmware ESXI 6.7), 250Gb SSD (for the boot of vmware ESXI 6.7), two 1Gbyte network cards. As software a virtual machine was installed under the base of an ESXI vmware version 6.7 with Windows 7 Pro Synchronet 3.17a the manager of the BBS.

Modem / Fax 56K US-Robotics for the private line of the BBS and as sending and receiving for the FAX

In the central part between the server and the rack there is the 1000W APC uninterruptible power supply which keeps the whole system standing in case of electric power down, connected with the whole system communicates with the vmware for a correct shutdown of the machines in case of power down.

Telecom fiber modem (currently at 100Mb) and PFSense firewall for external protection against unauthorized access and protection against attacks on the various ports of the BBS